Pick the right school for your special child

Is your child only going to start school? You’ll have many apprehensions and it is normal. Firstly, go physically to the schools you have in mind to see everything for yourself. Keep these pointers in mind when you are looking for the right school to truly feel assured:

1) Safety First

You know if your child has a tendency to make a run for it when least expected. So check if gates are doors are locked and have security facilities such as guards, caretakers, and CCTV in place. Their staff should be trained to exercise physical restraint.

2) Questions? Fire Away

You have every right to ask questions that will abate your concerns. So don’t feel apologetic about them. Make a list and have every one of them answered.

3) Be An Observer

There’s a lot you can tell simply by silently observing what is going on between students and teachers. Stay on for at least 15 minutes in a classroom to sense if teachers and children get along. See if students look happy and engaged on campus. Note if the campus is a vibrant place if peer group mingling is encouraged and they encourage art, sports, and cultural activities.

4) Choose With Your Child’s Needs In Mind

What are the attributes and talents that make your child special? Will this school provide a conducive environment? Bring your child along on a second visit to see what they feel. Have the school staff interact with your child. An expert’s reading may help you take the final decision.

5) Note The School’s Involvement With Parents

Schools have to work together with parents to truly help a child make progress. Do they provide regular updates, will they provide support for you or other family members to help provide what the child needs?

It is a nerve-wracking experience but worth it once the right school has been found. At AIS, Dubai’s best autism intervention center for children, we provide parents with guidance to ease their children into the schooling process.

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Bahij Khouzami

M.Ed., BCBA, IBA | Founder

Bahij Khouzami is an expert in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) specializing in Autism. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and an International Behavior Analyst (IBA), Bahij is also a Professional Advisory Board Member of IBAO.
With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, specializing in Autism from Cambridge College in Massachusetts, USA, Bahij has provided ABA services for schools, homes and clinics across Massachusetts, USA.
Highly skilled, Bahij has worked with multidisciplinary teams in clinical, home, nursery and school settings during his career in the United States and now in Dubai.
A passionate teacher, Bahij trains therapists, educators and parents. Through AIS, Bahij remains committed to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with Autism.

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